Todd kenney20140521 11537 1wpnsbe
Todd Kenney - BKD
Todd Kenney
(816) 221-6300 X 21413

President - Elect

Damara harper headshot20150602 29141 c56xzh
Damara Harper - North Kansas City Hospital
Damara Harper
Director of Decision Support
North Kansas City Hospital
(816) 691-2010


Toddg propic20160502 25957 1gkno98
Todd Goforth - North Kansas City Hospital
Todd Goforth
Supervisor, Patient Account Services
North Kansas City Hospital


Bowen mickey20171128 12312 wnkzec
Miccole Bowen
Revenue Cycle Executive
Cerner Corporation


Img 001520160606 9311 kpsspi
Loraine Uebele
Loraine Uebele
(816) 805-1204

Past Chapter President

Michelle L. Narayan, MHSA
Contract Administrator

The Doctors Building 1
20375 W. 151st St., Ste. 317 | Olathe, KS | 66061
P: 913-791-4260 | F: 913-324-8656

Audit Chair

Keeley Roach, CPA
Senior Consultant
(816) 221-6300 X 21507

By-Law Chair

Mary Knollmeyer

Certification Chair

Mary Jonscher
Sr. Regional Client Relations Manager
Human Arc
(816) 305-2297


Frankie Forbes, Chair
(913) 341-8600

Membership Committee

Sue Brammer
(816) 221-6300

Michelle Decker, Co-Chair
Vice President
Hunter Hamilton
(913) 515-2655

April Arnold
(816) 221-6300

Paul Kim
(816) 891-6500 x241

Jim Lemos
Reimbursement Manager
University of Kansas Hospital
(913) 945-5360

Terry Weathers
VP, Finance
Sunflower State Health Plan
(816) 863-9411

Melody Johnson
(816) 502-6771

Jennifer Day
(217) 691-6886

Steve Smith
(816) 489-4297


Networking Committee

Erica Derks Co-Chair
Manager, Finance & Accounting
Clarus Group
(913) 213-0860

Sharum Newberry
Treasury Sales Analyst
Bank of America
(816) 292-4233

Mitchell Henton
(913) 486-2718

Hannah Weis
(816) 305-0628

Skyanna Page
(816) 760-1191

Jenny Fach (Golf Tournament)
(913) 481-6665

Taylor Ost (Golf Tournament)
(816) 806-2427


Todd Goforth, Chair
Supervisor, Patient Account Services
North Kansas City Hospital
(816) 691-5269

John Travis
VP, Solution Strategis
Cerner Corporation
(816) 201-1465

Angelia Ewing
Senior Director
Cerner Corporation
(816) 201-7257

Heather Frazier
Senior Director Revenue Cycle
Liberty Hospital
(816) 792-7021

Karrie Pence
Sr. Financial Analyst, Decision Support
North Kansas City Hospital
(816) 691-5233

Jerry Plagge
(816) 508-4074

Jenny Fach
(913) 481-6665

Andrew Crofty
(913) 708-5656

Skyanna Page
(816) 760-1191

Miccole Bowen
Revenue Cycle Executive
Cerner Corporation



Tammy Shepherd, Co-Chair
Health System Controller
University of Kansas Health System
(913) 945-5596

Pablo Marquez, Co-Chair
Manager, Advisory Services
(816) 218-1699

Jeremy Pelski
Revenue Cycle Strategist
Cerner Corporation
(816) 914-5274

Alexandra Etherington
 PwC Health Industries Advisory Services
Mobile: (913) 544-8680
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
1100 Walnut Street Kansas City MO 64106



Kelli Schroeder, Chair
Director, Patient Account Services
North Kansas City Hospital
(816) 691-1333


Mary Knollmeyer, Co-Chair

Paul Knudtson, Co-Chair
Director, Patient Access
St. Lukes Health System
(816) 502-0648

Elda Dykes
Patient Account Manager
St. Lukes Health System
(816) 502-7220

Scott Walterbach
Bessine & Walterbach, LLP
(816) 595-8489



One of the best ways to become involved with our Chapter and begin to build peer relationships is to actively participate in a committee. Without our committees, our Chapter would not have experienced the level of success that we have to date.

To volunteer your time and help our Chapter succeed, review the committee list below. A listing of the current participants is included. Used in conjunction with our member directory, you can contact the chairperson of the committee to offer your time. Feel free to Contact Us for help in facilitating this contact.

Auditing Committee

The Audit committee audits the chapter's financial records at the close of the fiscal year and reports its findings to the Chapter President and the Board of Directors.

By-Laws Committee

The By-laws committee is responsible for reviewing the Chapter's Bylaws each year to assure its continued applicability and appropriateness. The committee develops recommendations for changes, if needed for review, and vote by the full Board.

Certification Committee

The Certification committee is responsible for promoting and administering the HFMA Certification program for the chapter for interested members.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for retention and recruitment of members to the chapter. The committee ascertains through various means, the needs of the membership and works to insure those needs are met by the chapter. In addition, the committee will continue the mentor program for the development of new members as active participants of the chapter.

Membership Directory Committee

The Membership Directory Committee creates, publishes, and distributes the annual membership directory.

Networking Committee

The Networking Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating all social events for the Chapter. The committee is responsible for distributing all notices (flyers) to members, coordination of registration, collecting fees, and sending thank-you notes to all participating agencies and organizations.

Program Committee

The Program Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating all Chapter programs, including the annual joint meeting (Fall Workshop) with the Sunflower, St. Louis and Show-Me Chapters. The committee locates speakers, obtains necessary speaker background material, and program description to be included in the program announcement.

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee is responsible for publishing the quarterly newsletter, monthly faxes, and web page updates.

Sponsorship Committee

The Sponsorship Committee is responsible for maintaining the sponsorship program. This includes contacting sponsors, recording and collecting pledges and coordinating with other committees in order to fulfill chapter obligation to the sponsors.

Web Site

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the chapter web-site. This includes publicizing chapter programs, making information available on-line, and maintaining the career opportunity listing for the Chapter.

Fall Workshop Committee

The Fall Workshop Committee plans and organizes the chapter participation in the annual fall Workshop attended by Heart of America, Show-Me, St. Louis and Sunflower chapters.

Chapter Organizational Documents